You Will Never Be Found


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‘A tantalising mystery, executed with perfection.’ THOMAS ENGERHe was locked inside an abandoned house. But he’s not the only one . .

. When a dead man is found locked in the basement of an abandoned house, deep in the woods, there is no evidence of what happened beyond his name – scratched into the wall before he died. The regional police can’t find anyone who knew him.

But no-one knows the locals like tough, smart, and determined Detective Eira Sjoedin. When her expert knowledge of her home town is again called in, she knows one of them must have seen something. Then, a shock: before she can uncover the truth, someone close to her disappears.

Has he fallen victim to the same criminal they’ve been chasing? And can Eira put the pieces together in time to save him?**AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER NOW**PRAISE FOR WE KNOW YOU REMEMBER’Intensely gripping.’ CHRIS WHITAKER’Strong characters, a great sense of place and plot twists galore.’ SUNDAY TIMES CRIME CLUB’A terrific twisting rollercoaster of a thriller.’ PETER JAMES’A police procedural with panache.’ O, THE OPRAH MAGAZINE’Atmospheric, immersive and utterly compelling.’ M. W. CRAVENWHAT READERS THINK’Breathtaking!’ 5* review’There are twists and turns and dead ends galore!’ 5* review’A brilliant story with a very likeable police detective.’ 5* review’Really loved this Scandi crime story.

Had me guessing to the end!’ 5* review**WE KNOW YOU REMEMBER, the first in this unputdownable, prize-winning series, is out now**

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Tove Alsterdal


Faber & Faber


Fevereiro de 2023


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