Wyscnhegradsky, Bancquart & Moëne – Pianos quart de ton


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van wyschnegradsky (1893-1979) is undoubtedly an essential figure in twentieth century music. pioneer of music in micro-intervals, heir to the thought of scriabine, he left a number of works in third, quarter, fifth, sixth and even twelfth tone. his research, theoretical, organological and compositional, paved the way for other composers who in turn devoted their work to micro-interval music, which is probably, as alain bancquart says, the music of the future .

the cd includes, as a first discographic, three works representative of three distinct periods of ivan wyschnegradsky’s production: meditation on two themes of the day of existence for cello and piano from 1918, thus spoke zarathustra for 4 pianos tuned at a distance 1/4 tone, a work admired from its creation in 1937 by Olivier Messiaen, and the 4th symphonic fragment of 1956, for 4 pianos and waves martenot, written in full mastery of his microtonal language. to these are added two recent works commissioned from alain moëne and alain bancquart, composers who have always devoted themselves to writing in micro-intervals. by their total diversity and originality, all these works prove to what extent this music can touch us and convince us in its obviousness.

alain moëne, alain bancquart, ivan wyschnegradsky:
works for two and four pianos tuned at a quarter-tone distance

alain moëne
01 de l’ange pour 2 pianos (2015)
dominique ciot and martine joste, pianos
14 ’05’ ‘
alain blancquart
02 roots for 4 pianos (2014)
matthieu acar, jean-françois ballèvre, dominique ciot, martine joste, pianos – leo margue, conductor
11 ’43’ ‘
ivan wyschnegradsky
03 e symphonic fragment op.38c for waves martenot pianos and 4 (1956)
cécile Lartey, wave martenot – hiroko Arimoto, manon lonchamp, emiri Wada, Yoko Yamada, pianos – Leo Daisy direction
15 ’57’ ‘
ivan wyschnegradsky
  thus spoke zarathoustra op.17 for 4 pianos (1930/1936)
cyrille guion, martine joste, li xie, guanlan xu, pianos – leo margue, conductor
04 tempo giusto 07 ’35’ ‘
05 scherzando 05 ’20’ ‘
06 lento 06 ’17’ ‘
07 allegro con fuoco
06 ’50’ ‘
ivan wyschnegradsky
08 meditation on two themes of the day of existence op.7
for cello and semitone piano (1918/1976) noé
natorp, cello – martine jost, piano
07 ’33’ ‘
  total duration 75 ’25’ ‘

recording on February 20 and 21, 2016 – auditorium marcel landowski conservatory with regional influence in paris
artistic direction: fernand vandenbogaerde
recording and editing: jean-françois pontefract
piano tuning: pierre malbos

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Martine Joste, Dominique Ciot, Léo Margue, Jean-François Ballèvre, Matthieu Acar, Yoko Yamada, Emiri Wada, Manon Lonchamp, Hiroko Arimoto, Cécile Lartigau, Guanlan Xu, Li Xie, Cyrille Guion, Noé Natorp






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