Worth A Detour South Island : Hidden Places and unusual destinations off the beaten track


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Lançamento a 2 de Janeiro de 2023.

Respected and award winning New Zealand travel writer Peter Janssen uncovers some of the North Island’s unknown treasures that most New Zealanders didn’t even know existed! “I have travelled just about every road and visited every town in the country, but I’m drawn to the quirky places bypassed by travellers and the eccentric characters that have great stories to tell. This book is a varied collection of places that I think are worth a detour,” says Peter. In the South Island, how about a visit to the Hokonui Moonshine Museum, Monkey Island or Sock World? Or our very own ‘Niagara Falls’ which plummets to a deathdefying fall of about half a metre. You can visit New Zealand’s only solar salt works, or Harwood Hole with the deepest and longest cave system in the country or Quartzopolis Town of Light. Worth a Detour is divided into geographic areas, each entry includes descriptions, history, directions and addresses. Colour sections of photographs bring the text to life and location maps help plan your itinerary.

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Peter Janssen


New Holland Publishers


Janeiro de 2023


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