Wild Places : Selected Stories


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A beautiful new hardback edition of Katherine Mansfield’s most vivid and distinctive stories. Katherine Mansfield was the only writer Virginia Woolf envied. Mansfield transformed the short story genre with her work, creating stories miraculous in their intensity yet seemingly so simple.

The shift of a heart, the beat of a moment, the changing of the light: in these stories emotional universes are contained within glimpses. Mansfield only lived to the age of 34 but in that time wrote stories true to her indomitable spirit. A hundred years on from her death, Mansfield’s biographer, Claire Harman, has created this new selection to show us the master of the short story form in full flight.

WITH A FOREWORD BY HELEN SIMPSON AND INTRODUCTION BY CLAIRE HARMAN’There is something rapturous about her work…she has the power to distil the apparently inconsequential into frozen moments laden with significance’ Guardian’Would you not like to try all sorts of lives – one is so very small – but that is the satisfaction of writing – one can impersonate so many people’ Katherine Mansfield

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Katherine Mansfield


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