What Beauty There Is


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A searingly powerful and unputdownable thriller that is The Road meets Winter’s Bone. ‘Beautifully written . .

. a chilling footpath of love and loss and keeps you there until you’ve read every last word’ Ruta Sepetys HOW FAR WOULD YOU GO TO PROTECT THOSE YOU LOVE? Life can be brutal. Jack knew it.

So did I. When jack and I met, did I sense the coming tornado? I think I did, and there was no stopping it. For seventeen years, Ava’s father has stolen her freedom; silencing her voice and teaching her to love no one.

Trust no one. On the other side of town, life’s taken everything from Jack. And now it’s coming for his little brother.

Alone in the harsh Idaho Winter, their only chance to escape is finding the drug money that destroyed their family. When Ava realizes her father is on Jack’s trail, their two worlds collide and Ava is faced with a choice: remail silent or fight for the brothers’ survival – and her own. But choices, they come at a price .

. . A gripping thriller about love, courage and survival that asks how we decide what’s right and wrong in a world where neither is simple – and what we risk if we fail.

‘[A] starkly atmospheric thriller’ Publishers Weekly ‘Riveting and unforgettable.’ Kirkus starred review ‘Prepare to be haunted and chilled to the bone’ SLJ ‘So intense, so heartfelt, so deep, so effective: it shook me to the core.’ Goodreads Review ‘A suspenseful, throbbing tale of love and survival, choices and consequences . . this powerful story will mesmerize.’ Booklist starred review

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Cory Anderson


Penguin Books


Janeiro de 2023


Capa Mole




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