Vincent Peirani / Emile Parisien – Abrazo (LP)


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Six years ago – an age! – these two musicians, who had met four years earlier as members of the Daniel Humair Quartet, brought out their first recording as a duo, the aptly named “Belle Époque”. Music evoking the carefree mood of the Roaring Twenties. “Belle Époque” was so delightfully and irresistibly French!

With “Abrazo”, five hundred entrancing and jubilant concerts later, the evidence points to a firm friendship. And the term abrazo takes on ist full meaning: the hug we share with good friends and also, in tango, the partners’ “embrace”. The word is to be taken in both senses: two free-reed instruments, free to howl or to murmur; two dancers moving with ease across a ballroom floor.

  1. The Crave ( Jelly Roll Morton)04:35
  2. 2Temptation ( Xavier Cugat)06:06
  3. 3Fuga Y Mysterio ( Astor Piazzolla)03:34
  4. 4Between T’s ( Vincent Peirani)02:35
  5. 5Deus Xango ( Astor Piazzolla)05:25
  6. 6Memento ( Emile Parisien)05:40
  7. 7A Bebernos Los Vientos ( Tomás Gubitsch)06:39
  8. 8Nouchka ( Vincent Peirani)09:17
  9. 9F.T. ( Vincent Peirani)02:39
  10. 10Army Dreamers ( Kate Bush)05:3


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Vincent Peirani / accordion
Emile Parisien / soprano saxophone






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