Verdi – Requiem


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In the words of Antonio Pappano, himself born to Italian parents, “this is a Requiem written by an Italian and I think Italians’ relationship to religion is explosive, full of temperament, full of fear. …. And the spectre of being punished, of sins – it sounds like an opera I’m describing. …I love doing this piece here in Rome with an Italian chorus and an Italian orchestra, and they have an innate sense of what this music is about, how to bring it to life. They really know what the words mean. They have lived what it is to be religious or spiritual in Italy.”

Interviewed at the time of the performances, Rolando Villazón discusses the same subject: “Many say that this is the best opera Verdi ever wrote. Clearly it’s not … but the theatricality of the piece requires something more than what you would use for an oratorio … It’s a very delicate balance singers have to have. … You have to respect the style of this church piece, and at the same time you have to bring out the emotion.”

To that end, Antonio Pappano brings out the extremes of dynamics in the orchestral, solo and chorus parts: the opening, one of Pappano’s favourite sections, is hushed and what Hugh Canning describes as “the great ‘horror’ moments [send] shivers down the spine.”

1-1   Requiem 5:35
1-2   Kyrie Eleison 3:39
1-3   Dies Irae 2:14
1-4   Tuba Mirum 1:55
1-5   Mors Stupebit 1:20
1-6   Liber Scriptus 5:01
1-7   Quid Sum Miser 3:45
1-8   Rex Tremendae 3:46
1-9   Recordare 4:03
1-10   Ingemisco 3:33
1-11   Confutatis 5:19
1-12   Lacrimosa 6:17
2-1   Domine Jesu Christe 4:07
2-2   Hostias 5:40
2-3   Sanctus 2:33
2-4   Agnus Dei 5:11
2-5   Lux Aeterna 6:24
    Libera Me  
2-6   Libera Me, Domine 2:19
2-7   Dies Irae 2:21
2-8   Requiem Aeternam 3:18
2-9   Libera Me, Domine 5:53

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Anja Harteros (soprano), Sonia Ganassi (mezzo), Rolando Villazon (tenor), René Pape (bass)

Orchestra dell’Accademia di Santa Cecilia, Coro dell’Accademia di Santa Cecilia, Antonio Pappano


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