Travellers to Unimaginable Lands : Dementia, Carers and the Hidden Workings of the Mind


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A RADIO 4 BOOK OF THE WEEK’A fascinating account of the psychology of caregiving’ Telegraph’The best book I have ever read that explores the effect on the brain of the carer, when someone has dementia. Unmissable’ Professor June Andrews, dementia expert and author of Dementia: The One-Stop Guide’This book will forever change the way we see people with dementia disorders-and the people who care for them.’ Lori Gottlieb, author of Maybe You Should Talk To SomeoneA husband believes his wife is an imposter. A man’s sudden, intense Catholic piety provokes his wife.

A mother and daughter struggle to come to terms with the disease that intensifies an already dependent relationship. At their root, these existential dilemmas grow out of long-established patterns of behaviour that bind together patients and caregivers. Travellers to Unimaginable Lands explores the complex and profound psychology of caregiving, illuminating how the healthy brain’s biases and intuitions make caring for people with dementia disorders so profoundly and inherently difficult.

Blending neuroscience, psychology, philosophy and literature with beautifully-observed case studies, Kiper illuminates the underlying mental mechanisms behind carers’ experiences, dispels the myth of the perfect caregiver and, in the process, opens the door to understanding and forgiveness.

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Dasha Kiper


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