The Twilight World


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In his first novel, Werner Herzog tells a hypnotic tale inspired by the true story of a Japanese soldier who defended a small island for twenty-nine years after the end of WWII1944: Lubang Island, the Philippines. With Japanese troops about to withdraw, Lieutenant Hiroo Onoda was given orders by his superior officer: Hold the island until the Imperial army’s return. You are to defend its territory by guerrilla tactics, at all costs.

So began Onoda’s long campaign. Soon weeks turned into months, months into years, and years into decades – until eventually time itself seemed to melt away. All the while Onoda continued to fight his fictitious war, at once surreal and tragic, at first with other soldiers, and then, finally, alone, a character in a novel of his own making.

. . ‘An enthralling novel that explores the nature of time and warfare with great mastery’ Mail on Sunday’Herzog.

. .brilliantly blends fact and fiction in this fever dream of a novel’ Daily Mail’A literary jewel set to sparkle against the backdrop of his monumental career in cinema’ 

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Werner Herzog




Março de 2023


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