The Social Instinct : What Nature Can Teach Us About Working Together


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A phenomenally important book’ Lewis Dartnell, author of OriginsWhy do we live in families?Why do we help complete strangers?Why do we compare ourselves to others?Why do we cooperate?The science of cooperation tells us not only how we got here, but also where we might end up. In The Social Instinct Nichola Raihani introduces us to other species who, like us, live and work together. From the pied babblers of the Kalahari to the cleaner fish of the Great Barrier Reef, they happen to be some of the most fascinating and extraordinarily successful species on this planet.

What do we have in common with these animals, and what can we learn from them? The Social Instinct is an exhilarating, far-reaching and thought-provoking journey through all life on Earth, with profound insights into what makes us human and how our societies work. ‘A pleasing juxtaposition of insightful scientific theory with illuminating anecdotes’ Richard Dawkins’Surprising, thoughtful and, best of all, endlessly entertaining’ Will Storr, author of The Science of Storytelling’A superb book about how important cooperation is’ Alice Roberts, author of Ancestors

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Nichola Raihani




Outubro de 2022


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