The Perfect Find


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She’s finally found her soulmate. But he’s completely off-limits . .

. Former fashion editor Jenna Jones is forty, broke and starting over. Dumped by her fiance and fired from her job, Jenna begs her arch nemesis, Darcy Vale, for a role at her new online magazine.

Surrounded by digital-savvy millennials who all speak fluent Twitter, it’s soon clear that Jenna is in way over her head. And, to make matters worse, her ex has a new girlfriend. But things get even messier, and a whole lot more interesting, when Jenna meets Eric Combs, the film graduate tasked with shooting her new web series.

Totally gorgeous and completely off-limits, Jenna knows she should know better – but there’s something about Eric she can’t resist. And what is worth risking everything for, if not love?’This juicy page-turner is the ultimate beach read’ InStylePRAISE FOR TIA WILLIAMS’A sexy, modern love story to start the summer off right’ Reese Witherspoon ‘I absolutely loved it’ Jodi Picoult ‘A seductive fantasy’ Rumaan Alam

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Tia Williams


Quercus Publishing


Abril de 2022


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