The Lost Girls


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‘Beautifully written, intense.’ LISA BALLANTYNE’A thrilling, emotive and heartfelt mystery.’ CHRIS WHITAKERFROM THE AUTHOR OF BESTSELLING DEBUT THE GIRL IN THE RED COATLost, she narrowly escaped disaster. Beth is desperate to return to normality. After a years-long ordeal, her daughter is finally home and safe.

But Carmel has questions she can’t ignore about the cult that kidnapped her, and about the preacher who gave her another girl’s name. Found, she must survive a miracle. Digging into her past, Carmel uncovers secrets which suggest that she wasn’t the only lost girl – and which puts her in danger all over again.

While her mother struggles to salvage the safety they’ve only just found, Carmel tries to come to terms with who she has become. One question, a mystery at the heart of her disappearance as a child, haunts her:What happened to the other lost girls?’As affirming as it is devastating.’ CAILEAN STEED’Reads like a shiver down the spine.’ ANNA BAILEY’As ever, Kate’s prose is beautiful and immersive.’ REBECCA WHITNEYPraise for Kate Hamer:’Deliciously dark.’ CLARE MACKINTOSH’Keeps the reader turning pages at a frantic clip.’ CELESTE NG’Her writing is as vivid, nasty and beautiful as a bruise.’ METRO**Read the start of Carmel and Beth’s story in The Girl in the Red Coat – available now!**

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Kate Hamer


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Fevereiro de 2023


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