The Falling Thread


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‘Exquisite’ Financial Times’Funny and moving, full of surprises and challenging ideas’ Times Literary Supplement’Deeply satisfying’ Guardian’O’Riordan imbues his narrative with an acutely modern awareness of power and capitalism’ The Times__________________Manchester, the summer of 1890. A city humming with industry and gleaming with affluence. But for Charles, cloistered in his middle-class parents’ suburban villa on holiday from university, the city’s vibrancy holds no charms.

Bored and a little listless, he spends the summer in pursuit of his little sisters’ governess, Hettie. Before the summer’s end, both must face the consequences of their affair – consequences they will live with for the rest of their lives. Charles’s sisters come of age as women of the new century – and experience a very different Manchester from their brother and guardian.

In the smog and glitter of the city, both sisters will discover the very different things they seek, and the very different women they will become. But as a new era springs into being, a darker shadow stretches, threatening to engulf the whole world… A captivating portrait of a family in time, The Falling Thread is a hauntingly evocative debut novel from one of our most exciting literary talents.

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Adam O'Riordan


Bloomsbury Circus


Novembro de 2022


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