The Coming Darkness


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“This is exactly the sort of big, meaty, ambitious thriller that the market needs. I haven’t read a book like this since I Am Pilgrim.” ANTHONY HOROWITZ————“Superb – there’s an ominous drumbeat throughout, and pace and tension, and a subtle and scarily plausible dystopia – and above all there’s main character Alex Lamarque, who could be one of the greats. Greg Mosse writes like John Le Carre’s hip grandson.” LEE CHILD————Paris, 2037.

Global warming and pandemics have torn through the fabric of society. And Alexandre Lamarque of the French external security service is hunting for eco-terrorists. Experience has taught him there is no one he can trust.

Experience has taught him there is no one he can trust – not his secretive lover Mariam, not even his old mentor, Professor Fayard, the man at the centre of the web. He is ready to give up. But he can’t.

In search of the truth, Alex must follow the trail through an ominous spiral of events, from a string of brutal child murders to a chaotic coup in North Africa. He rapidly finds himself in a heart-thumping race against chaos and destruction. He could be the world’s only hope of preventing THE COMING DARKNESS .

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Greg Mosse


Moonflower Publishing


Novembro de 2022


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