The Bookshop at the Back of Beyond


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Adventurous, magical and brilliantly funny next book in the House at the Edge of Magic series. Nine and her friends have cured the house’s hiccups and are off to the strange and utterly unpredictable Back of Beyond in search of Professor Dish – Spoon’s best friend and partner in all things alchemy. When they find Dish trapped by the greedy witch Ophidia in the basement of a particularly marvellous shop, it soon becomes clear they’re going to need something more than Flabberghast’s dicey magic and Nine’s quick thinking to triumph this time.

What they really need is a rather clever witch – one particularly good at curses… A new instalment in the brilliantly funny, magical and commercial series for readers age 8+.

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Amy Sparkes


Walker Books


Janeiro de 2023


Capa Mole




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