The Blood Flower


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‘Exceptional’ Sarah Hilary ‘Don’t be ordinary, Leo. Passion has its price.’ 1883. Two young people have been killed near Portsmouth’s docks.

When journalist and amateur detective Leo Stanhope arrives, the police have already dismissed the victims as a ‘molly-lad’ and a misfit. As Leo begins to investigate, what he uncovers will lead him to the dangers of the Navy shipyard, the temptations of Portsmouth’s underground nightlife – and even the family of his wife, Rosie. But can he risk the people he loves for the sake of justice?PRAISE FOR ALEX REEVE’Highly original’ Guardian’Enthralling, exciting, extraordinary, and utterly convincing’ Sarah Hilary’An entertaining and ingenious psychological drama of gender identity enfolded within a dexterously plotted and deeply satisfying Victorian murder’ Rachel Holmes’Leo is a brilliant hero: clever and flawed, infuriating and at the same time someone I root for at every turn’ Stephanie Butland’One of the most inventive series out there’ 

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Alex Reeve


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Novembro de 2022


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