The Art of Verbal Warfare


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“There is such a fountain of anarchic, foul-mouthed, carnivalesque
energy, obscenity, and linguistic mayhem on display here, so much
of it hilariously enjoyable, that life would be a dull a… air without it.”
—Sunday Times (UK)

We use salty or artful language to win arguments, slander, cheat and bully, as well as to express feelings of joy or frustration and blow off steam. Rik Smits delves into the magic of oaths and profanity, art and advertising, probes the lure of fake-news and propaganda, and explores invective and off-colour jokes the world over. The Art of Verbal Warfare shows why conversation dies in crowded lifts, what drives you to curse at your laptop and what makes some political bigshots fall, but not others.

This is, when all is said and done, the story of how we get through life without coming to physical blows.

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Rik Smits


Reaktion Books


Julho de 2022


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