The Archaeology of Loss : Life, love and the art of dying


When you find your husband lying dead, you think you will not forget a single detail of that moment. As an archaeologist, I like to get my facts right, and I will try my best to do so, but five years have passed since that day in 2016 and I am excavating my own unreliable memory. I cannot go back and check.

‘Extraordinary, unflinching, wonderful, moving’ – Nina Stibbe, author of Love, Nina’This book is a companion for anyone navigating the hardships of loss and uncertainty’ – Octavia Bright, author of This Ragged GraceSarah Tarlow’s husband Mark began to suffer from an undiagnosed illness, leaving him incapable of caring for himself. One day, about six years after he first started showing symptoms, Mark waited for Sarah and their children to leave their home before ending his own life. Although Sarah had devoted her professional life to the study of death and how we grieve, she found that nothing could have prepared her for the reality of illness and the devastation of loss.

Fiercely vulnerable, deeply intimate and yet authoritative, The Archaeology of Loss describes a universal experience with an unflinching and singular gaze. With humour, intelligence and urgency, it is in its very honesty that it offers profound consolation. ‘A tender and big-hearted embrace of a book .

. . A poetic excavation of loss, grief and ritual.’ – Graham Caveney, author of The Boy with the Perpetual Nervousness

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