Stein Urheim – Simple Pieces & Paper Cut-outs (LP)


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No-frills fingerstyle masterclass blends hard-won solo skills with superb audiophile sound on LP or download. It’s so good you don’t even have to play the guitar to enjoy it. If you do, there’s a 40-page musical score and tablature to help learn or adapt the tunes. Stein Urheim’s beautifully-structured solo album, ‘Simple Pieces & Paper Cut-Outs’, provides a formally adventurous and sonically immaculate listening experience that at the same time acts as an inspirational masterclass for guitarists everywhere. Its relative simplicity also provides a sharp contrast to much of Urheim’s other work for Hubro, especially his most recent album, ‘Utopian Tales’, which featured a seven-piece ensemble, the Cosmolodic Orchestra, playing a set of tunes commissioned by Vossa Jazz and inspired by various experiments in communal living.

A1   Slow Reader 1:09
A2   Brazilian Breeze 3:14
A3   Let Out The Butterflies 1:56
A4   Paper Cut-outs 2:42
A5   Jerven 2:46
A6   Bells 2:53
A7   Kongens Sorger 2:30
B1   Blåvals 3:03
B2   Tinnhølen 2:40
B3   Weissenborn Dream 0:58
B4   Sirkel 5:14
B5   Løsrivelser 1:54
B6   Slow Reader 2 2:30

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Guitar – Stein Urheim






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