Solo : Can a dog called Solo be part of the pack?


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A terrific book to encourage sharing and making new friends – not to mention the perfect present for dog lovers! ‘Adam’s lively hounds are a scratchy, inky delight!’ – Sara Ogilvie, illustrator of The Detective Dog Meet Solo the dog. This is his island – and these are his things and his humans. So when a group of other dogs turn up, Solo doesn’t like it – not one bit – and he tells them so quite firmly.

He doesn’t want to share his things and he thinks they’re running out of control (although it does look quite fun…). Only, once the others have gone, Solo finds that he misses his new friends, and races to get them back. Will Solo come to see that no dog is an island, and that some things are just better with friends? Find out in this irresistible author-illustrator debut from Adam Beer, the illustrator of Mammoth.

Also by Adam Beer:Mammoth (written by Anna Kemp)

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Adam Beer


Simon & Schuster Childrens Books


Julho de 2022


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