Robert Burns : A superb collection from Scotland’s finest lyrical poet


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‘Oh would some power the gift give us, to see ourselves as others see us!’ Robert BurnsRobert Burns, poet and lyricist, also known as Rabbie Burns, is widely regarded as the National Poet of Scotland – and much of his work has become part of everyday modern language:’The best laid schemes o’ mice and men…”To see her is to love her…’Often credited with writing the lyrics for Auld Lang Syne, he almost single-handedly inspired the movement that preserved Scottish music and lyrics which had been handed down the generations vocally for centuries, thereby maintaining Scots culture and language. A cultural icon and pioneer of the Romantic movement, Burns was chosen as the greatest Scot in a 2009 poll. This collection includes some of his best-loved, most beautiful work.

‘Now’s the day, now’s the hour’ Robert Burns

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Robert Burns


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Outubro de 2022


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