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Saxophonist and composer Quinsin Nachoff’s career to date has delivered a boundary-crossing body of work that’s consistently unpredictable, fearlessly innovative, breathtakingly accomplished, and full of creative passion, constantly increasing its scope to encompass ever greater horizons.

‘Pivotal Arc’ presents his most ambitious project yet: bringing together virtuoso violin soloist Nathalie Bonin with a jazz-inflected unit comprising two established giants of the NY scene, bassist Mark Helias and drummer Satoshi Takeishi, and the stunning young vibraphone player Michael Davidson, and adding a wind and string ensemble conducted by JC Sanford for a concerto that boldly mixes written and improvised sections.

A contemporary string quartet performed by the renowned Molinari String Quartet and the extended title piece round out the album. The result is three diverse long-form works that flow naturally together, demonstrating Nachoff’s equally heartfelt facility with the free-flowing language of jazz improvisation, the depth and rigour of classical composition and the direct melodicism of folk forms.

With a sonic palette that ranges across the spectrum from Strayhorn and Mancini to Bartok and Berg, this is a stunningly original set of pieces that will cement Nachoff’s reputation as a major cross-genre musical force.

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Bass – Mark Helias
Bass Trombone – Robert Ellis
Brass, Trombone – David Grott
Drums, Percussion – Satoshi Takeishi
Orchestra, Conductor – JC Sanford
Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone – Quinsin Nachoff
Trumpet – Bill Mahar, Jocelyn Couture
Vibraphone – Michael Davidson
Violin – Nathalie Bonin
Woodwind, Bass Clarinet – Brent Besner
Woodwind, Soprano Saxophone, Clarinet, Piccolo Flute – Jean-Pierre Zanella
Woodwind, Tenor Saxophone, Clarinet – Yvan Belleau


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