Pull and Play: Pacifier


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Little Bear, Little Monkey, and their friends love to use a pacifier. But sometimes it gets in the way
when they play, talk, or go outside. In this reassuring book, the
grown-ups show them that giving up their pacifier or putting it away
just for a while doesn’t have to be hard. And they might even have more
fun without pacifiers!

* Features interactive pull-tabs that
control the changing scenes, empowering children to apply their newly
learned knowledge to their own experience

* Bright illustrations bring the storyline to life and help young readers connect with the message

* Durable board book is just the right size for little hands to hold

Pull and Play Books (TM) board book series offers babies and toddlers
support and encouragement through familiar childhood experiences.
The adorable interactive books cover all sorts of growth milestones
including bedtime, bath time, sibling relationships, sharing, manners,
feelings and more. Using pull-tabs to change the pictures, children are
empowered and inspired to learn and grow!

* Great family read-aloud books

* Books for baby-3 years old

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Alice Le Hénand


Thierry Bedouet




Fevereiro de 2021


Board book




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