Project Zero Trust – A Story about a Strategy for Aligning Security and the Business


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Implement Zero Trust initiatives efficiently and effectively In Project Zero Trust: A Story About a Strategy for Aligning Security and the Business, George Finney, Chief Security Officer at Southern Methodist University, delivers an insightful and practical discussion of Zero Trust implementation. Presented in the form of a fictional narrative involving a breach at a company, the book tracks the actions of the company’s new IT Security Director. Readers will learn John Kindervag’s 5-Step methodology for implementing Zero Trust, the four Zero Trust design principles, and how to limit the impact of a breach.

They’ll also find: Concrete strategies for aligning your security practices with the businessCommon myths and pitfalls when implementing Zero Trust and how to implement it in a cloud environmentStrategies for preventing breaches that encourage efficiency and cost reduction in your company’s security practices Project Zero Trust is an ideal resource for aspiring technology professionals, as well as experienced IT leaders, network engineers, system admins, and project managers who are interested in or expected to implement zero trust initiatives.

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G Finney


John Wiley & Sons


Setembro de 2022


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