One of the Girls


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The scorching, escapist new thriller from the Sunday Times bestselling author of The Castaways ‘An addictive sun-soaked thriller’MARIE CLAIRE’The perfect holiday read’ CLAIRE DOUGLAS’Brimming with tension’ CLARE MACKINTOSH’Talk about twists and turns’ EMMA STONEX’Utterly addictive . . .

her best yet’ ERIN KELLY WE WERE DYING FOR A HOLIDAY The six of us arrived on that beautiful Greek island dreaming of sun-drenched beaches and blood orange sunsets, ready to lose ourselves in the wild freedom of a weekend away with friends. On the first night we swam under a blanket of stars. On the second night the games began on our clifftop terrace.

On the third night the idyll cracked, secrets and lies whispering on the breeze. And by the final night there was a body on the rocks below . .

. WHO WOULD KILL FOR IT? _________________________________________________________________ What readers are saying about One of the Girls: ‘If you are looking for a sun-soaked, fast-paced, keep-you-up-till-the-early-hours thriller for summer 2022 then my god this is it!’ ‘I loved this, a thrilling murder mystery read about friendship, love, deception, lies and secrets’ ‘Absolutely gripping, a perfect summer read’ ‘This was an absolutely delicious read that grabbed me from the get-go’ ‘The ending, and the revelations leading up to it, blew me away’ ‘WHAT A READ! . .

. I was whizzing through the pages just to find out anything out’ ‘Unputdownable! The ideal holiday read’

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Lucy Clarke


HarperCollins Publishers


Julho de 2022


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