Murder in an Irish Cottage : 5


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When faced with superstitious townsfolk, she must keep her head to find a killer. When Macdara’s cousin Jane frantically calls for his help, Siobhan is at his side. The two garda rush from Kilbane to the rural village where Jane and her mother have recently moved.

They find Jane, who is blind, outside the cottage, in a state. Inside, Aunt Ellen lies on her bed in a fancy red dress, dead. A pillow on the floor and a nearby teacup suggest the mode of death to their trained eyes: the woman has been poisoned and smothered.

Devout believers in Irish folklore, the villagers insist the cottage is cursed-built on a fairy path. It turns out Ellen Delaney was not the first to die mysteriously in this cottage. Although the townsfolk blame malevolent fairies, Siobhan and Macdara must follow the path of a murderer all too human-but just as evil…

A charming Irish cosy mystery, perfect for fans of Clare Chase and Margaret Mayhew.

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Carlene O'Connor




Maio de 2022


Capa Mole




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