Monteverdi: Night – Stories of Lovers and Warriors


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“Night. The time when the absence of light reveals hidden and sometimes mysterious aspects of reality. The time when, far from the noise of day, feelings and passions loom larger until they draw the human soul into a myriad of different and conflicting expressions. The privileged time for love, the painful time of tears or regrets…Monteverdi, who always possessed a keen instinct for the theatrical nature of life, was by no means insensible to the myriad meanings of night and the countless possibilities of evocation and suggestion it offers. But night doesn’t belong to him alone: the poets he set to music were equally unable to resist the fascination of the ambiguous contours created by moonlight.” Rinaldo Alessandrini

2017 marks the 450th anniversary of Claudio Monteverdi, one of the fathers of modern music, who gave a major impulse to expressivity and individuality of expression. Rinaldo Alessandrini’s benchmark recordings of Monteverdi and 17th-century Italian music over the past 35 years have established the Roman conductor, and his ensemble Concerto Italiano, as the leading ambassadors of Monteverdi.

Whilst he has recorded some of these madrigals with Concerto Italiano before, his interpretations continue to evolve and, as ever, he brings an Italianate emphasis to the texts that few ensembles can better in this repertoire.

‘Night. Stories of Lovers and Warriors’ offers highlights from Monteverdi’s most famous madrigals and instrumental movements including: Lamento della ninfa, Combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda, Ho’r che’l ciel e la terra, sinfonias from Monteverdi’s three operas.

  • 1Sinfonia
  • 2Hor Che’l Ciel E La Terra E’l Vento Tace
  • 3Così Sol D’una Chiara Fonte Viva
  • 4Sinfonia
  • 5Combattimento Di Tancredi E Clorinda
  • 6Vivrò Fra I Miei Tormenti E Le Mie Cure (Lamento Di Tancredi)
  • 7Ma Dove, Oh Lasso Me! Dove Restaro
  • 8Lo Pur Verrò Là Dove Sète, E Voi
  • 9Sinfonia
  • 10Non Havea Febo Ancora Recato Al Mondo Il Dì (Lamento Della Ninfa)
  • 11Amor, Dicea (Lamento Della Ninfa)
  • 12Sì Tra Sdegnosi Pianti (Lamento Della Ninfa)
  • 13Al Lume Delle Stelle
  • 14Sinfonia
  • 15A Dio, Florida Bella, Il Cor Piagato
  • 16Sinfonia
  • 17Ecco Mormorar L’onde
  • 18Quando L’Alba in Oriente

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