Monocled Man – Ex Voto (LP)


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Trumpeter, producer and composer Rory Simmons summons his iconoclastic musical vision on the genre-blurring Monocled Man album, ‘Ex Voto’. Here, the omni-appreciative trio (Simmons, Chris Montague and Jon Scott) travel down a groove-adjacent pathway in search of solemn industrial soundscapes.

Simmons’ cultural inquisitiveness forms a treasure-trove of musical touchstones, which he uses to sculpt a sound that’s truly his own. ‘Ex Voto’ (‘an offer given in order to fulfil a vow’) represents another idiosyncratic journey, this time inspired by Victorian novelist Samuel Butler and his work of the same name. The themes found in both Ex Voto and Butler’s magnum opus Erewhon punctuate the album, as the trio conjure visceral musical excitement from base ideas on dystopia and politics.

‘Ex Voto’ is an opportunity for Monocled Man to tread new ground. Close collaboration between Simmons and Scott prompted a creative shift with more emphasis on both groove and production value. “A lot of the touchstones for the record are cinematic, ambient, industrial soundscapes,” Simmons explains. “I still wanted it to sound English too, whilst tipping European noir.”

“I wanted to make a record that was darkly cinematic and ambient but with big washes of industrial sound,” Simmons says. “I didn’t want to make a record based on how I would play it live, I wanted to make something I could sculpt, and create something really original.” Simmons continues to find new ground through his thought-provoking, uncategorizable music.

  1. End Signs
  2. Przhevalsky
  3. Sense
  4. Gemstones
  5. Tin Skulls
  6. Heksen Romance
  7. Siler Woods Pt. 1
  8. Cellarius Shores
  9. Natural 93
  10. Amongst The Machines
  11. Siler Woods Pt. 2

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Rory Simmons: trumpet/flugelhorn electronics/synths
Chris Montague: electric guitar acoustic guitar
Jon Scott: drums


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