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” Music is the medium par excellence for me. It is the best form of communication I have and a universal language. And as a storyteller, I feel there is nothing more authentic than telling my own stories. The stories I’ve experienced or been told that have endured over time.

These songs came out of freedom in terms of form, without forgetting my roots. When I emigrated to Switzerland 20 years ago, homesickness was so strong that no new ideas could sprout. I continued to sing what I had already done at home. But as time went on, I also began to absorb everything that surrounded me, and out of that influence came new ideas that these songs embody. Without forgetting my two most important roots, tango nuevo and folklore.

The centerpiece of the album is “Abrazo” (Embrace). A song written for a person who was very close to me emotionally, but many miles away. This person was going through an extraordinary moment, but I couldn’t be there to accompany him. And that’s when I had the idea to write a song, as a musical embrace, so to speak, to be able to be there.

This embrace of my voice as a gift for the others. So that I can accompany the people on their way, who listen to me. And for me, this is the greatest gift I can give and receive.” Marcela Arroyo

  • 1. De Par En Par (03:43)
  • 2. Palabras Para Julian (03:31)
  • 3. Abrazo (03:09)
  • 4. Barrio (04:54)
  • 5. Gato Panza Arriba (02:15)
  • 6. Coplas Al Agua (03:48)
  • 7. Cocina De Mi Infancia (02:21)
  • 8. Rosario Pastrana (02:45)
  • 9. Candombe Mio (03:20)
  • 10. Cantora De Yala (04:26)

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Marcela Arroyo


Double Moon Records




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