Love in Color : Mythical Tales from Around the World, Retold


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“Love stories by and about marginalized women . . .

The heroines are strong and sure . . .

Babalolas writing shines. New York Times Book Review

“Absolutely intoxicating.” Casey McQuistonNew York Times bestselling author of Red, White, and Royal Blue and One Last Stop

A vibrant debut collection of love stories from the bestselling author of Honey and Spice, retelling myths, folktales, and histories from around the world.

A high-born Nigerian goddess, who has been beaten down and unappreciated by her gregarious lover, longs to be truly seen. A young businesswoman attempts a great leap in her company, and an even greater one in her love life.

A powerful Ghanaian spokeswoman is forced to decide whether she should uphold her familys politics or be true to her heart.

In her debut collection, internationally acclaimed writer Bolu Babalola retells the most beautiful love stories from history and mythology with incredible new detail and vivacity. Focusing on the magical folktales of West Africa, Babalola also reimagines Greek myths, ancient legends from the Middle East, and stories from long-erased places.

With an eye towards decolonizing tropes inherent in our favorite tales of love, Babalola has created captivating stories that traverse across perspectives, continents, and genres. Love in Coloris a celebration of romance in all its many splendid forms.

I am in love with every single word Bolu Babalola has written.

So rarely is love expressed this richly, this vividly, or this artfully. Candice Carty-Williams, international bestselling author ofQueenie

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Bolu Babalola


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Abril de 2022


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