Life and Other Transient Storms



Trumpeter Susana Santos Silva became one of the most important ambassadors of Portuguese jazz in the world, and in this new opus we find her in notable company – a quartet of amazing musicians picked among the many with whom she’s playing with these days, like Joe Morris, Mats Gustafsson, Fred Frith, Christine Wodrascka, Mat Maneri, Craig Taborn, Thomas Morgan and Tom Chant, to name just a few. The first impression you have when grabbing this CD is that you’re going to hear a dream band. Santos Silva with Lotte Anker, Sten Sandell, Torbjorn Zetterberg and Jon Falt? No way! But it’s true and that is the kind of truth which transforms something into a gem. More special even when the music reflects a spiritual discovery, in this case «the blessing and beauty of impermanence in my life, in the world and in all the things that are», as Susana puts it herself on the liner notes.   How does that mirror effect happen? Giving you a only apparently contradiction, a «peaceful state of being» manifesting in a «restless and resilient» way. To play life means to play urgently, intensely and honestly, and that’s precisely the peace of mind Susana Santos Silva need to create a map of sounds. You don’t want to miss this.

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Susana Santos Silva trumpet and flugelhorn, Lotte Anker tenor and soprano saxophone, Sten Sandell piano, Torbjörn Zetterberg double bass, Jon Fält drums


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