Keith Jarrett – Sun Bear Concerts (10 LPS)


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More than 40 years after its original release, this limited and numbered facsimile edition of Keith Jarrett’s legendary 10-LP box set “Sun Bear Concerts” is recreated from original analog sources.

Sun Bear Concerts – documenting five complete solo performances by Keith Jarrett in Japan – counts as a milestone achievement in the history of jazz recording. As Down Beat wrote, on the occasion of the original release, Jarrett’s improvisations are “the inventions of a giant, overpoweringly intimate in the way they can draw a listener in and hold him captive. Jarrett has once more stepped into the cave of his creative consciousness and brought to light music of startling power, majesty and warmth.”

A work of art by any standards, Sun Bear Concerts brings together solo concerts in November 1976 in Kyoto, Osaka, Nagoya, Tokyo and Sapporo, in recordings made by Japanese engineer Okihiro Sugano and producer Manfred Eicher, who travelled through Japan with Keith Jarrett. The set’s book-form packaging, with design by Barbara Wojirsch, includes photographs by Klaus Knaup, Tadayuki Naitoh and Akira Aimi.

  • Limited and numbered Facsimile Edition of the original 10-LP Box Set
  • AAA vinyl production from the original master tapes
  • Authentic facsimile of the original 1978 first print-run edition
  • Hand manufactured packaging using exclusively made paper from a historic German paper mill
  • Including reprint of the 16 page original booklet
  • Vinyl labels with classic silver on green Logo and print
  • Individually numbered boxes
  • Limited to 2000 copies
A   Kyoto Part I a 25:13
B   Kyoto Part I b 19:44
C   Kyoto Part II a 17:03
D   Kyoto Part II b 18:31
E   Osaka Part I a 19:58
F   Osaka Part I b 19:27
G   Osaka Part II a 21:29
H   Osaka Part II b 9:40
I   Nagoya Part I a 17:30
J   Nagoya Part I b 18:50
K   Nagoya Part II a 20:02
L   Nagoya Part II b 24:19
M   Tokyo Part I a 24:34
N   Tokyo Part I b 16:07
O   Tokyo Part II a 22:08
P   Tokyo Part II b 21:58
Q   Sapporo Part I a 22:07
R   Sapporo Part I b 19:16
S   Sapporo Part II a 26:24
T   Sapporo Part II b 19:14


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Keith Jarrett




10 LPS
Limited Edition, Box Set


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