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For his first solo harpsichord recording in five years, Rinaldo Alessandrini has selected a very personal selection of preludes and fugues by Johann Sebastian Bach. These short works are not part of ‘The Well-Tempered Clavier’ and the Roman maestro Alessandrini has connected them by key and by their spirit in order to build a unique recital shedding new light on Bach’s music.

Rinaldo Alessandrini, harpsichordist, fortepianist and organist, in addition to his role as founder-director of Concerto Italiano, has been a presence on the early music scene for some 20 years now. His discography includes not only Italian music, but also composers of the German school. It has garnered the highest critical plaudits, including two Grands Prix du Disque, three Deutsche Schallplattenpreise, and as of 2015 five Gramophone Awards, all for discs with Concerto Italiano. He now records exclusively for Naïve.

“This recording seeks to offer a coherent collection of compositions, unheard of at the time, that differ in both style and period: isolated preludes, brought together in small didactic collections with equally-isolated fugues, that were composed without the introduction that usually preceded them. Much, but not all, of this music dates back to Köthen. It takes us on a journey through different collections: the Clavierbüchlein for Wilhelm Friedmann; the Menpell-Preller manuscript dating 1730-1740 and having belonged to Johann Nikolaus Mempell, a student of Bach; the various ‘Kellner manuscripts’. We have coupled ‘preludes and fugues’ according to their tonality and assembled them using contrasting criteria.” Rinaldo Alessandrini

  • 1Prelude in C Major, BWV933
  • 2Fugue in C Major, BWV952
  • 3Prelude in G Major, BWV902
  • 4Fugue in G Major, BWV902
  • 5Prelude in D Minor, BWV935
  • 6Fugue in D Minor, BWV948
  • 7Prelude in F Major, BWV901
  • 8Fugue in F Major, BWV902
  • 9Prelude in C Major, BWV870a
  • 10Fugue in C Major, BWV870a
  • 11Prelude in C Minor, BWV999
  • 12Fugue in C Minor, BWV961
  • 13Prelude in C Major, BWV924
  • 14Fugue in C Major, BWV946
  • 15Prelude in a Minor, BWV895
  • 16Fugue in a Minor, BWV895
  • 17Prelude in C Major, BWV943
  • 18Fugue in C Major, BWV953
  • 19Prelude in E Minor, BWV900
  • 20Fugue in E Minor, BWV900
  • 21Prelude in a Minor, BWV942
  • 22Fugue in a Minor, BWV947
  • 23Prelude in D Minor, BWV926
  • 24Fugue in D Minor, BWV899
  • 25Prelude in G Major, BWV902a
  • 26Fugue in G Major, BWV957
  • 27Prelude in E Minor, BWV938
  • 28Fugue in E Minor, BWV956
  • 29Prelude in B Minor, BWV923
  • 30Fugue in B Minor, BWV951

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Rinaldo Alessandrini (harpsichord)






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