John Lennon – Gimme Some Truth – Best of (Deluxe Vinyl Box)


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John Winston Ono Lennon would have been 80 on October 9th 2020. In celebration of his life and the incredible pleasure his music has brought to millions in his lifetime, a new Best Of will be released. A multi-format collection, entitled GIMME SOME TRUTH., this set has been personally curated by the Lennon estate and mixes the biggest hits like the classic and timeless “Imagine” with campaigning songs such as “Give Peace A Chance” and the evergreen classics like “Happy Christmas (War Is Over)” and is culled from all of his solo albums including the posthumous “Milk And Honey”.

John Lennon is simply one of the most recognised and respected musicians of the modern era. As one half of perhaps the most successful songwriting partnerships of all time he deserves his place in history. That this partnership was with Paul McCartney in The Beatles means that he is also one of the most successful recording artists in history. With every succeeding generation falling for their genius, their legend continues to grow and they dominate the pop landscape.

  • – 1 –
    • 1. Instant Karma! (We All Shine On) (Ultimate Mix)
    • 2. Cold Turkey (Ultimate Mix)
    • 3. Working Class Hero (Ultimate Mix)
    • 4. Isolation (Ultimate Mix)
    • 5. Love (Ultimate Mix)
    • 6. God (Ultimate Mix)
    • 7. Power To the People (Ultimate Mix)
    • 8. Imagine (Ultimate Mix)
    • 9. Jealous Guy (Ultimate Mix)
  • – 2 –
    • 1. Gimme Some Truth (Ultimate Mix)
    • 2. Oh My Love (Ultimate Mix)
    • 3. How Do You Sleep? (Ultimate Mix)
    • 4. Oh Yoko! (Ultimate Mix)
    • 5. Angela (Ultimate Mix)
    • 6. Come Together (Live) (Ultimate Mix)
    • 7. Mind Games (Ultimate Mix)
    • 8. Out the Blue (Ultimate Mix)
    • 9. I Know (I Know) (Ultimate Mix)
  • – 3 –
    • 1. Whatever Gets You Thru the Night (Ultimate Mix)
    • 2. Bless You (Ultimate Mix)
    • 3. #9 Dream (Ultimate Mix)
    • 4. Steel and Glass (Ultimate Mix)
    • 5. Stand By Me (Ultimate Mix)
    • 6. Angel Baby (Ultimate Mix)
    • 7. (Just Like) Starting Over (Ultimate Mix)
    • 8. I’m Losing You (Ultimate Mix)
    • 9. Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy) (Ultimate Mix)
    • 10. Watching the Wheels (Ultimate Mix)
  • – 4 –
    • 1. Woman (Ultimate Mix)
    • 2. Dear Yoko (Ultimate Mix)
    • 3. Every Man Has a Woman Who Loves Him (Ultimate Mix)
    • 4. Nobody Told Me (Ultimate Mix)
    • 5. I’m Stepping Out (Ultimate Mix)
    • 6. Grow Old With Me (Ultimate Mix)
    • 7. Happy Xmas (War is Over) (Ultimate Mix)
    • 8. Give Peace a Chance (Ultimate Mix)

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John Lennon




4-LP Deluxe Edition, Box Set


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