Jean-Pierre Decerf – Space Oddities 1975 – 1979 (LP)


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These experimental discs, made with love, humility and rudimentary means, had no ambition other than to accompany other peoples’ images. By exhuming these obscurities from the dustbin of history, BORN BAD have decided otherwise. Archaeologists with an agenda, they seek to give Jean Pierre Decerf the renown he deserves: that of an innovator whose rhythmic, synthetic compositions inspired the harbingers of the French Touch (Air comes to mind), not to mention some East Coast rappers. On a warm Indian summer day, we visited him at home in a remote village in Touraine (central France), where he lives as a hermit. Sometimes he runs into Mick Jagger, who has a castle nearby, at the local supermarket. Most of the time, he speaks English with his British neighbors. [Many small villages in rural France have numerous British residents, in particular retirees.] That day, he made an exception for us and discussed his past.

A1   Surrounding Seas 3:11
A2   Light Flight 3:20
A3   Blazing Skyline 3:26
A4   Leavin My Place 4:13
A5   The Cool Brain 2:07
A6   Black Safari 3:13
A7   Gates Of Pop Empire 1:51
B1   Dreams In The Wind 2:11
B2   Touch As Much 2:39
B3   Strange Form 5:23
B4   The Orion Belt 3:21
B5   Rainbow Rays 2:19
B6   Like The Wind You Are 2:57
B7   Litha 2:35

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Jean-Pierre Decerf


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