How to Stay Safe Online : A digital self-care toolkit for developing resilience and allyship


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A powerful, comprehensive guide to spotting, responding to and proactively defending yourself from online abuse – and learning how to be a good ally to those experiencing it. ‘The need-to-know, must-have and barrier breaking book on fighting online abuse that everyone must have a copy of’ Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu’A book written from the front line of life online – heartfelt, heart-breaking, practical, brilliant’ Richard Curtis ______________________________________ Digital spaces are a positive force for change, connection and community, but left unregulated, they are not always safe. Globally, women are 27 times more likely than men to be harassed online.

Black women are 84% more likely to face online harassment than white. There has been a 71% rise in online disability abuse and 78% of LGBTQ+ people have experienced hate speech online. How to Stay Safe Online is an urgent, necessary digital self-care tool from leading activist for online equality Seyi Akiwowo.

With a blend of practical advice, Seyi’s personal experiences and interviews with Jameela Jamil, Hera Hussain, Laura Bates and Yassmin Abdel-Magied, this book will: * Provide practical tips on how to confidently navigate online spaces * Equip you with a range of responses to online abuse and how to effectively report * Teach you how to set boundaries and use the internet as a force for good* Empower friends, teachers and parents to help victims * Help you create your own digital self-care plan This will be the go-to guide to developing resilience, greater compassion for others and authentic allyship online. ______________________________________’Seyi Akiwowo’s work to make the online world safer, especially for Black women, is not only powerful, it’s necessary’ Nova Reid ‘This helpful book is a crucial companion’ Emma Gannon ‘No one should be using the internet without having read this book’ Alex Holder ‘Accessible, empowering and potentially life-changing […] everyone should read’ Laura Bates’Seyi is one of the most important voices of our generation […] I hope this book gets added to the national curriculum’ Poppy Jamie

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Seyi Akiwowo


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Agosto de 2022


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