Ghost Light – By John Neumeier


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Lançamento dia 19 de Março de 2021.

Encomenda ao fornecedor. Disponível entre duas a três semanas.

A centuries-old tradition, the “Ghost Light” is a single lamp that illuminates the stage when the theatre is not in use. Legend says that the light shines to protect the actors, patrons and theatre from bad luck and ghosts. The Ghost Light features the solitary feeling that continues to shine on stages while waiting for audiences to return after this unusual season.

The Hamburg Ballet was internationally one of the first companies to return to its studios after the lockdown, performing the world premiere of John Neumeier‘s creation “Ghost Light“ using solo piano music by Franz Schubert, performed live on stage by the star pianist David Fray.

John Neumeier’s new ballet explores the possibilities of dance under the constraints imposed by the Covid 19 pandemic. It is developed in fragments with fleeting moments from the everyday life of the dancers.

Internationally recognized and awarded for his ballet choreographies, John Neumeier has been ballet director and chief choreographer of the Hamburg Ballet since 1973 and has been ballet director at the Hamburg State Opera since 1996. He is also the director of the ballet school he founded in Hamburg, as well as guest choreographer at many other venues.

“Ghost Light is an ensemble ballet that I am developing in fragments. It is comparable to individual instrumental parts of a symphony … how the individual parts ultimately combine into a work will depend on the moment when we are allowed to come close to each other again on stage.”

(John Neumeier)

“A touching evening” (BR Klassik)

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