Foolproof Slow Cooker : 60 Essential Recipes that Make the Most of Your Slow Cooker


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Foolproof Slow Cooker features 60 exciting recipes – all mouth-watering and easily achievable. Beginning with clear instructions and top tips for how to get the most out of this humble appliance (like salting your meat ahead of time and pre-heating your slow cooker beforehand), followed by delicious and practical recipes that will transform the way you use your slow cooker; you’ll find everything from juicy Korean Barbecue Brisket to Maple Bacon Beans, and Butternut and Pomegranate Tagine to a comforting Seafood Chowder, or convenient Overnight Shakshuka. The Foolproof series celebrates the simple ways to cook, eat and enjoy different dishes and techniques, and offers amazing new ways to elevate classics, as well revealing new sure-to-be favourites.

The series includes: One-Pot, BBQ, Freezer, Fish, Picnic.

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Rebecca Woods


Quadrille Publishing


Novembro de 2022


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