Farrenc -Symphony Nos. 1 & 3


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Laurence Equilbey, conducting her period-instrument Insula Orchestra, champions the composer Louise Farrenc, a prominent and pioneering figure in 19th century Paris, with two of her three symphonies.

“The score is so well written that it deserves a prominent place in the history of the early Romantic symphony,” wrote the Financial Times after a performance of the Symphony No 3 in London, marking International Women’s Day 2018. “Equilbey and the Insula orchestra gave it a fleet, fiery performance. Their crusading spirit lived up to the day’s billing.”

Farrenc was born in Paris in 1804. Her piano teachers included the great virtuosi Hummel and Moscheles, and her most notable composition teacher was Anton Reicha. In the 1830s and 40s she established a reputation as both a pianist and composer and made history by becoming a professor at the Paris Conservatoire, where she went on to spend 30 years.

  • 1. Symphonie No. 1 Op. 32
  • 2. Symphonie No. 1 Op. 32
  • 3. Symphonie No. 1 Op. 32
  • 4. Symphonie No. 1 Op. 32
  • 5. Symphonie No. 3 Op. 36
  • 6. Symphonie No. 3 Op. 36
  • 7. Symphonie No. 3 Op. 36
  • 8. Symphonie No. 3 Op. 36

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Insula Orchestra, Laurence Equilbey






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