European Union: The Basics


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Fully updated to include the new Treaty of Lisbon, this is the best short and accessible introduction to the politics of the European Union, written by one of the world’s most well-known authorities in the area. Ideal starting reading for students and the general reader, it explains in clear jargon-free language:

the EU’s development to date
how the EU works, and why it works this way
the EU’s major policies
the EU’s biggest problems and controversies
the EU’s likely evolution in the coming years.

The new edition builds on the strengths of the previous edition and now includes extra material on:

the Treaty of Lisbon
the EU’s development since 2003, including its enlargements in 2004 and 2007
recent EU policies and rule changes
the EU’s role in the world.

Key features to help learning and understanding are:

boxed descriptions of key issues and events
a guide to further reading at the end of each chapter
a glossary of key terms, concepts and people
helpful appendices about the EU’s member states and good internet sources.

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Alex Warleigh-Lack




Janeiro de 2009






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