Enrico Pieranunzi / Thomas Fonnesbaek – Real You: A Bill Evans Tribute


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When the eminent Italian pianist Enrico Pieranunzi and distinguished Danish bassist Thomas Fonnesbæk play together, listeners are treated to what can be described as an explosion of energy.They’ve performed extensively together over the years, accumulating a wealth of experience and expanding on a mutual love and appreciation for the musical understanding and talent they share. Kindred musical spirits, whose collaborations caress, create, and challenge.

The duo’s new album was recorded in “The Village Recording” studio with Thomas Vang engineering, allowing them the opportunity to dig even deeper into the music by utilizing all the tools available in a professional studio. THE REAL YOU is dedicated to Bill Evans, who contributes two compositions, Only Child and Interplay, joining Phil Markowitz’s Sno ’Peas, and even Johann Sebastian Bach makes an elegant appearance in the closing sequence of Pieranunzi’s Bill and Bach. The rest of the repertoire is provided by and credited to the pianist and bassist, who are wonderful composers as well as instrumentalists and improvisors.

  • 01. Hindsight
  • 02. Only Child
  • 03. The Real You
  • 04. Passing Shadows
  • 05. Our Foolish Hearts
  • 06. Sno’ Peas
  • 07. Il Giardino Di Anne
  • 08. I Will Look After You
  • 09. Dreams and The Morning
  • 10. Interplay
  • 11. More Stars
  • 12. People Change
  • 13. Bill and Bach 01. Hindsight

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Enrico Pieranunzi – piano
Thomas Fonnesbaek – bass


Stunt Records




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