Elori Saxl – The Blue of Distance (LP)


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Combining digitally-processed recordings of wind and water with analog synthesizers and chamber orchestra, Elori Saxl’s The Blue of Distance began as a meditation on the effect of technology on our relationship with land/nature/place but ultimately evolved to be more of a reflection on longing and memory. Half of the album was written in the Adirondack mountains during summer amid lakes, rivers, and moss-laden forest floors, while the other half was conceived on a frozen Lake Superior island in deep winter.

Saxl gives some color to the background of the album: Being born in 1990, I was interested specifically in exploring what it means to have grown up contemporaneously with the proliferation of the internet and new technology such as Google Maps, Youtube, and smartphones filled with photos and videos that allow us to access distant people and places without being physically present. I was interested in understanding how the personal experience of memory formation may parallel humanity’s changing relationship with land through new technology that allows us access to a place or person without being physically present.

Elori Saxl has composed music for new music ensembles, Patagonia, Google, Poler, Dove, the New Yorker, This American Life, PRI, SFMOMA, and more. She’s also directed films for the New Yorker and Slate. Her work has been nominated for two emmys and been featured by Paste, Vimeo, Consequence of Sound, VPR, and shown at festivals around the world

01 Before Blue

02 Blue

03 Wave I

04 Wave II

05 Memory Of Blue

06 Wave III

07The Blue Of Distance

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