Dr. John, The Night Tripper – The Sun, Moon & Herbs (LP)


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’The Sun Moon & Herbs’ by Dr. John is described by * Allmusic* as “dark and swampy” and “best listened to on a hot, muggy night with the sound of thunder rumbling off in the distance like jungle drums”. The center-piece of the album is * ‘Familiar Reality,’* a long cut based on one evil-sounding Stones-type riff. As usual, Dr. John’s strength lies in his galvanizing; mesmerizing choruses. The ones on ‘Black John the Conqueror’ and ‘File Gumbo’ are unforgettable. He performed a wildly theatrical stage show at the Bath Festival of Blues and Progressive music, inspired by medicine shows, Mardi Gras costumes and voodoo ceremonies. This eventually resulted in his signature ‘voodoo’ music style.

Black John The Conqueror 6:20
Where Ya At Mule 4:55
Craney Crow 6:40
Familiar Reality-Opening 5:25
Pots On Fiyo (Filé Gumbo) / Who I Got To Fall On (If The Pot Get Heavy) 5:48
Zu Zu Mamou 7:57
Familiar Reality-Reprise 1:53

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