Dowland, Lachrimae, or Seaven Teares


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Here is John Dowland’s masterpiece and one of Jordi Savall’s greatest achievements!

Published in 1604, Dowland’s ‘Lachrimae’ were composed for 5 viols and lute seven Pavans based on the air ‘Flow My Tears’ (hence, the additional title ‘Seaven Teares Figured in Seaven Passionate Pavans’) alternate with Galiards and Alemands, to create the necessary contrast in this unmatched masterpiece.

This 1987 recording is still the cornerstone of any Dowland discography: the various classical awards clearly speak in favour of its artistic integrity, and it is now available for the first time in a vivid multichannel remastering.

Booklet : English, French, German, Italian, Castillian, Catalan

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Hespèrion XX, Jordi Savall


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