Djinn Patrol On The Purple Line


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It’s not hard to see why Djinn Patrol is one of the most eagerly awaited debut novels this spring. It feels like a reckoning with modern India and its many complex problems… Anappara cleverly filters a uniquely Indian horror story through a chirpy, Famous Five-esque narrative and the voice of a witty, young, have-a-go hero (Johanna Thomas-Corr The Times)

Djinn Patrol is storytelling at its best. The prose is not just sympathetic, vivid, and beautifully detailed, but also completely assured and deft. We care about these characters from the first page and our concern for them is richly repaid (Anne Enright, Man Booker Prize-winning author of The Gathering)

In Jai, Anappara has created a boy vivid in his humanity, one whose voice somersaults on the page. Rich with easy joy, Anappara’s writing announces the arrival of a literary supernova… (Warning: If you begin reading the book in the morning, don’t expect to get anything done for the rest of the day.) (Lorraine Adams New York Times Book Review)

Anappara’s characters brim with swagger and spirit and she creates a world of wit, warmth and heart (Nina Stibbe i)

Extraordinary… moving and unpredictable… remarkable (Maureen Corrigan Washington Post)

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Deepa Anappara


Random House


Janeiro de 2020


paperback (C format)




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