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Lançamento a 30 de Junho de 2021.

2021/22, a cultural season unlike any other, brings the 30th anniversary of Cypres. Musical renewal and reinvention is of the essence for any record label in today’s environment. An enterprising spirit; a constant quest for newly composed works; firm roots in the local musical landscape; representation of prestigious names and advocacy of young talent: all these are elements that constitute our particular creative formula. Now that we are 30 years old we can confidently take pleasure in sharing our musical philosophy with you.

This first recording of our anniversary season provides a showcase for two gifted sisters who go back a long way with Cypres. Their joy in performing together is palpable as they present a programme that is original in its conception, intimate and deeply touching. This album contains a number of pieces that evoke memories – the musical equivalent of photos in a box in the attic. Some are original compositions for this instruments set, others have been arranged by the two sisters for the occasion. What would Frédéric Chopin have thought when he heard this arrangement of his Etude n°7 op. 25 sounding like a dialogue between cello and harp? This music is the very essence of life: a subtle sway of memories, flashes of light, tears, death and smiles.

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Marie Hallynck (cello), Sophie Hallynck (harp)






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