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Book of air vvolk’ is known for its whole night laying down concert, and is one of the only acoustic ambient orchestras in the world.

‘Se (in) de bos’ – a slow paced 60 minute piece performed by the 18 musicians ‘vvolk’ orchestra composed by Stijn Cools.
‘While getting deeper in the sound of vvolk, the perception of time fades. It is astonishing how improvised music can create such a timeless, and calming experience for the listener.

This is the 3rd album in the ‘Book of air series’, as part of the granvat platform curated by the brothers Stijn and Bert Cools.
As in the 1st Book of air album ‘Fieldtone’ and the 2nd ‘vvolk’, the parameters time and sound are again widely present.
This time the 3 interwoven bass lines give the deep drive and foundation of the sound, completed with a layer of acoustic instruments and sparkling chords on top.
‘Se (in) de bos’ is inspired by the fluctuation objectivity of our daily observations.

1   Lente > Zomer
2   Herfst > Winter

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