Black Girls Take World : The Travel Bible for Black Women with Boundless Wanderlust


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Black Girls Take World is the global travel bible for adventurous explorers and travel newbies looking to engage with the concept of solo travel. Packed full of inspiring essays, advice on budgeting, eating alone, reducing carbon footprints and dealing with passport privilege and discrimination, as well as Q&A’s with travel leaders such as Jessica Nabongo (the first black woman to travel to every country in the world) Annette Richmond (founder of Fat Girls Traveling), and Rhiane Fatinikun (founder of Black Girls Hike), this book is for the conscientious and the curious. Black women understand innately what it means to feel restricted, watched, unwanted.

And historically, black female explorers have been overlooked by the travel industry. But social media has spawned a generation of story-tellers and change-makers determined to rewrite their own travel narratives and forcing brands to pay attention – there’s never been a better time to situate yourself within the solo travel space!To travel while black and female is therefore to upend, and overcome, legacies of mobility impairment. It is to dispel myths and rewrite history.

Black Girls Take World will inspire you to travel alone, help you engage with the world, and aid understanding of your particular experiences abroad. “We travel for ourselves, first and foremost, but attached to our journeys is the potential to rebuke stereotypes, to break moulds, to trace roots, foster inclusivity and give back.”

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Georgina Lawton


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Maio de 2021


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