Better the Blood


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**Shortlisted for the Jann Medlicott Acorn Prize for Fiction, Ockham New Zealand Book Awards** ‘A compelling, atmospheric page turner with an authentic insight into Maori culture’ Val McDermidA DETECTIVE IN SEARCH OF THE TRUTH. A KILLER IN SEARCH OF RETRIBUTION. A CLASH BETWEEN CULTURE AND DUTY.

THE PAST NEVER TRULY STAYS BURIED. WELCOME TO THE DARK SIDE OF PARADISE. Detective Senior Sergeant Hanna Westerman is a tenacious Maori detective juggling single motherhood and the pressures of her career in Auckland’s Central Investigation Branch.

When she’s led to a crime scene by a mysterious video, she discovers a man hanging in a hidden room. With little to go on, Hana knows one thing: the killer is sending her a message. As a Maori officer, there has always been a clash between duty and culture for Hana, but it is something that she’s found a way to live with.

Until now. When more murders follow, Hana realises that her heritage and past are the keys to finding the perpetrator. Especially when the killer’s agenda of revenge may include Hana – and her family .

. . ‘As page-turning as it is eye-opening’ Ambrose Parry ‘A remarkable new detective’ Daily Mail ‘[A] highly addictive read’ My Weekly ‘So chilling’ Crime Monthly ‘Opens a unique window onto a fascinating Antipodean society as only world-class crime fiction can’ Deon Meyer

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Michael Bennett


Simon & Schuster


Março de 2023


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