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Food is so much more than fuel, and veganism is so much more than a diet. It’s linked to culture, family, memories, and identity. A collection of over 100 plant-based recipes that, together, give readers a bird’s eye view of vegan cuisine and its facets, Best of Vegan is a marvelously versatile glimpse into the world of vegan cuisine.

As someone who grew up eating (and loving) meat, fish, dairy, and eggs, Kim-Julie Hansen never expected to go vegan or even vegetarian. After years of learning and exploring, Hansen committed to a vegan lifestyle and never looked back. Now the creator of the Best of Vegan Instagram and platform, with a reach of over 2 million people, Hansen has fostered a global community of enthusiastic home cooks, chefs, bloggers, and all things food and veganism.

Chef contributions include Gaz Oakley (Avant-Garde Vegan, Samantha Onyemenam and Daniel Haimona. In Best of Vegan, Hansen shows that adopting a vegan lifestyle does not mean giving up on the dishes you grew up eating, and plant-based recipes can be accessible, affordable, familiar, and, of course, delicious. A comprehensive guide to a wide variety of vegan dishes, the cookbook includes the most popular recipes from the Best of Vegan community, as well as basic recipes, meal-prep, veganised comfort food, appetisers, and protein-forward wholesome recipes.

Fan-favorites include: Avocado Pesto Pasta with Toasted Pine NutsFried Tofu “Chick’n” SandwichClassic Vegan Mac’n CheeseVegan Baja Style “Fish” Tacos Inspired by Best of Vegan’s global community and the international impact of vegan food, Hansen collaborates with famous vegan chefsfrom all over the world to showcase the incredibly diverse history and newest trends of traditional cultural dishes to include recipes such as: Panamanian Tamal de OllaChinese DumplingsSri Lankan Pumpkin CurryCongolese Moambe With simplified yet satisfying vegan recipes, Hansen helps home chefs reconnect with the ingredients and their origins. A result of years of collaboration, trial and error, stories told, and meals shared, Best of Vegan is a creative and comprehensive guide for any level of home chef interested in vegan cuisine and plant-based recipes.

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Kim-Julie Hansen


HarperCollins Publishers


Janeiro de 2023


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